Trust Funds

Gaddum administers a number of trust funds. Applications to these funds are evaluated by independent committees and grants are provided where applicants meet the criteria required.

Application forms and guidance notes are available on request, but can only be sent to a statutory or voluntary organisations. All applications for a grant for an individual must be submitted by a professional person on their behalf such as a Social Worker, Health Visitor, Teacher or other professional as appropriate.

Call us on 0161 834 6069 or email to request an application form and the deadlines.

Administered Funds

Manchester District Nursing Institution Fund

Grants for individuals
Grants may be made for the relief of people on low income, persons who are sick, convalescent or disabled by providing or paying for items or services which are calculated to alleviate the suffering or assist the recovery. No grant may be made directly to relieve rates, taxes or other public funds. The area covered by the Fund is the “Cities of Manchester, Salford and Trafford”.

Funding for community projects
The Trustees may also consider applications from registered charities or voluntary organisations for specific community projects or pieces of work. Information about the funding programme can be found below.

Who may apply?
Please check the following criteria of the Trusts. If your client(s) meet any of these criteria then please continue reading the guidelines.
• Registered charities or voluntary organisations that provide assistance to residents living in Manchester, Salford or Trafford.
• Your beneficiaries must be in financial need and have a medical condition or be recovering from a condition which impacts on their ability to provide the items requested for themselves.

What do we support?
• Trustees are flexible in what they award a grant for. The need must be specific and help to alleviate the beneficiaries’ suffering whether this is financial or medical relief.
• You can apply for a grant of £500 – £5,000 but be aware that requests always exceed our limited resources.
• Your application should detail a specific project or piece of work which your organisation provides as part of its overall service delivery.
• Projects funded must be delivered within the next 12 months.

What can we not support?
• Charities based out of the geographical areas detailed above.
• Grant requests to cover general everyday costs such as heating, lighting or rates etc.
• Your Group application must help more than one individual. Grants are available for individuals using our individual application form, which may be submitted throughout the year and are considered by Trustees each month.
• Trustees do not award grants over £5,000.
• Trustees will not generally contribute towards larger appeals for instance major building renovations.
• Trustees will not fund projects retrospectively.

The Lord Mayor of Manchester Charity Appeal Trust

The fund each year provides several one-week low cost holidays in Great Britain for families who have not had a funded holiday together during the past three years, who are on a low income and are residents in the City of Manchester. Applications must be submitted by a professional person on behalf of the family.

Mynshull’s Educational Foundation

Thomas Mynshull was a 17th century Quaker who left  a legacy in his will to “apprentice poor boys into trade” times move on and today grants are made to students up to the age of 25 for educational purpose, i.e. equipment, textbooks and one off travelling expenses. The areas covered by this fund are the City of Manchester and the adjoining districts. The Trust does not make grants to post-graduate students. Please contact us directly for deadline information.

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