Reporting a hate crime

Have you or someone you know been a victim of a hate crime or hate incident?

Gaddum acts as a third party reporter, whether supporting you to report or reporting on your behalf.

Hate crimes and incidents come in many different forms. It can be because of hatred on the grounds of your race, religion, sexual orientation, alternative sub culture, transgender identity or disability.

Hate crime in any form is wrong. That is why it is important that if hate crime happens to you or someone you know, that you report it.

Any information reported is immediately submitted to True Vision, the national online Hate Crime reporting portal.

Gaddum will retain limited information regarding our involvement in reporting this crime, including its capacity (supporting to report or reporting on behalf of), the area of and the circumstances of the incident as well as the date which the incident occurred. We keep this information to help inform our impact.

No personal or identifiable data about yourself will be retained by Gaddum for the purposes of this service.

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