Carers Manchester

Manchester Carers Network

Gaddum manages Carers Manchester which includes 18 voluntary organisations providing information, advice and support to carers.

We work closely with partners like Manchester City Council, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning and increasingly GPs, hospitals and many others – including the Greater Manchester carers agenda.

We aim to help improve carers’ health and wellbeing and reduce ‘carer breakdown’ (when carers are in crisis). We do this by coordinating carer support and working to increase the number of carers being identified.

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Chair: Lynne Stafford, CEO Gaddum 

Coordinator: Glyn Meacher

What the network offers:

  • one-to-one carer support, in person and over the phone
  • information and advice
  • emotional support
  • local carer support groups
  • training
  • helping you access other help, like getting a carer’s assessment or benefits entitlement checks
  • specialist support, for carers of people with mental illness, stroke, dementia, learning disabilities and for carers who speak little or no English
  • peer mentoring
  • respite opportunities/carers’ breaks
  • activities and day trips
  • home visits

To find out more about individual organisations please visit the Carers Manchester website

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Gaddum is one of Manchester’s oldest charities.

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