Child and Family Bereavement Service (CFBS)

Gaddum CFBS provides a needs-led therapeutic service for Manchester and Salford children and families, as they begin to explore their unique process of adjustment following bereavement.

Our specialist trained therapists will conduct and assessment with the family after which the most suitable intervention will be offered, in line with the natural grieving process.  Where the child/young person is not ready to engage in structured therapy we will offer guidance and information to the family, as to enable them to support the child/young person through this time.

Where it is assessed that structured therapy is the most helpful option for the child/young person, weekly sessions will be offered at school or at our base in Manchester. Children and young people often find it difficult to speak directly about their thoughts and feelings, and so plat is often used as an effective communication tool to facilitate symbolic expression and appear less threatening.  Our therapeutic interventions usually last up to 12 weeks.

We accept referral from any source (e.g. self/professional/parents/school), provided that the child/young person is registered with a GP in Manchester or Salford, and is between 5 and 18 years old. It is important that they child/young person would like to, and consents, to this referral, as we would be unable to do the necessary therapeutic work if they are not at a place where they can engage with out therapists.

Service telephone number: 0161 834 6069

If you would like to make a referral please complete the Child Bereavement Referral Form and return this to

Chameleon Project for Traumatic Bereavement

The Chameleon Project works with families, where the child/young person has experienced a traumatic bereavement.

Our specialised therapists work with the child/young person and their family to address the trauma initially, prior to beginning work on the bereavement (if this is suitable at the time).  The service is available to residents of Greater Manchester, and we aim to process referrals as quickly as possible to ensure early intervention for the traumatic experience.

Initially an assessment will be carried out with the child/young person and their family, after which the most suitable intervention will be discussed.

*Update January 2020: No longer accepting referrals as funding for our Chameleon project is due to end in June.   We have been closely monitoring the waitlist and referrals, to ensure that all children referred and accepted onto the waitlist receive a service and the best possible client care. Based on the current waitlist we had to take the decision to no longer accept referrals for the service.

Service telephone number: 0161 834 6069

Advice during Covid-19

The team at Gaddum have put together some advice on how to cope during this difficult time.

This information covers:

  • How to talk to Children and Young People about Coronavirus
  • Telling Children and Young People that someone significant to them has died
  • Recommended reading for Children and Young People

This pack is available by download below.

Gaddum Child Bereavement Coronavirus Advice

You can read the latest Government information about Coronavirus by visiting

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