If there are decisions happening that could change things for you, you should be heard. Gaddum gives you a voice so you can be heard. By understanding you as an individual, we keep your rights, and what matters most to you protected.

Our Advocacy Service is for people in the City of Manchester.

This includes:

IMCA – Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (including DOLS)
IMHA – Independent Mental Health Advocacy
CAA – Care Act Advocacy
IHCA – Independent Health Complaints Advocacy

For further information see our website (link below) or for general enquiries please call on 0161 834 6069 or email

You can also visit

IMCA Information:

We would like to direct all referrers to the Mental Capacity Act Code of Practice 10.3: Has the individual who is deemed to lack capacity (after capacity assessment has been carried out) have no one to represent them or no one who is appropriate to consult?

Situations where an urgent decision is needed can proceed without an IMCA being in attendance, therefore decisions made in the best interest of the individual can be made to avoid delay. (10.46/10.47/10.57).

IMCAs must be instructed in relation to change of accommodation wherein:

  • admissions to any hospital are likely to last for over 28 days
  • moves to care homes that are likely to be longer than eight weeks
  • moves to any other accommodation, funded by the local authority or Primary Care Trust (PCT) are likely to be longer than eight weeks

Relating to DOLS, we would encourage that family and friends are in the first instance spoken to regarding the DOLS and Relevant Person’s Representative role.

Download our referral forms below:

Gaddum Advocacy Referral Process Protocol

Care Act Advocacy
Care Act Advocacy Easy Read
Care Act Advocacy Leaflet
Care Act Guidance
Care Act referral form

IHCA – Health Complaints
IHCA Easy Read
IHCA Leaflet
Guide to making an NHS complaint
How to write an NHS complaint letter
IHCA referral form for professionals
IHCA Self referral form

IMCA – Mental Capacity
IMCA Easy Read
IMCA Leaflet
IMCA Guidance
IMCA referral form

IMHA – Mental Health
IMHA Easy Read
IMHA Leaflet
IMHA Leaflet – CTO
IMHA referral form

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