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Gaddum – A Brief History

Gaddum Centre is an independent voluntary sector organisation established in 1833 with a long history of providing quality services in the field of health and social care.

In the 1830’s Manchester was a centre for the cotton industry in the UK. With poor sanitation and living conditions sickness and disease and was rampant, leading to the Manchester cholera epidemic of 1832. A board of health set up, to co-ordinate the work of the city’s 14 district boards.

On March 20th 1833 Dr Kay later Sir J P Kay Shuttleworth, Mr William Langton and Benjamin Heywood met to found the society at the Mayoral Dining rooms in the Town Hall. This led to the founding of the Gaddum charity called at the time the Manchester District Provident Society. Their aim was to provide advice and information as well as financial relief to people in need.

The Society established in each of the sub districts dispensaries where those in need could come directly for clothing, food and fuel for heating. The development of this structure meant that the Society was placed uniquely in the city to respond to the cotton famine of 1860’s and the hardships that followed.

Named after Harry Gaddum, the President of the Society, Gaddum House was established to provide a centre for voluntary societies and a meeting place for social workers. Over time Gaddum House became well known by outside bodies, social workers and by people needing help and advice.

The Gaddum Centre has managed to survive over 180 years due to its ability to adapt to changing needs of the people of the area, it also seeks to find out how to provide the most efficient and appropriate services for communities in need. The Charity still provides financial grants from its trust funds to people in need to relieve poverty as well as well as providing a range of support services across Greater Manchester including: carers’ support, advocacy and counselling.

Lynne Stafford - Chief Executive

Lynne Joined The Gaddum Centre in 2014 because she wanted to be part of an organisation helping to support local people.

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David Carmicheal - Board of Trustees Chairman

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Events and Training

We have an outstanding reputation for the events that we organise and the thorough training we offer in the field of social care.

Our History

Our history has reflected the changing needs of Manchester for almost 200 years and makes compelling reading.

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Elizabeth Gaskell, Charles Dickens, Emily Bronte and Winston Churchill have all made donations or given help.