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Lets Talk Partnership -  lets talk

Celebrating one year of counselling partnership success! Over the past year Let’s Talk have provided a wrap around service to those who need it most.- read more here –


8/4 /2015

Great News  -We have received funding from Children In Need  for a new bereavement worker.logo-cin

The new service will be called “Brighter Futures” it is aimed at children in Greater Manchester who have experienced traumatic bereavement of someone significant in their lives. We are launching this service in May more details to follow, watch this space!

And we have received a grant from United Utilities Trust Fund for a Benefits Worker


The Chair and Trustees of The Gaddum Centre are pleased to announce the appointment of Lynne Stafford as the new Chief Executive, with effect from 1 December 2014.

Lynne has been Chief Executive of CancerCare  N. Lancs & S Lakeland since 2011, and has spent all her career in the healthcare sector. She started as a State Registered Nurse, working in London and Africa. Lynne has had extensive experience across the healthcare sector within the NHS, statutory, independent and voluntary community organizations.

She has experience in both the commissioning and the provision of services and has a wide-ranging knowledge and understanding of Health and Social Care policy and practice.

We believe that Lynne has the skills, experience and leadership qualities to take The Gaddum Centre forward in difficult and changing times, and we feel confident that our dedicated staff will welcome her appointment.

When asked to comment on her appointment, Lynne said:

“I am delighted to be offered the role of Chief Executive at The Gaddum Centre. It will be an honour to lead an organization with such a long history and strong values in supporting disadvantaged people and communities in need in the Greater Manchester area. I look forward to working with a team of professionals who have such an outstanding reputation for the quality of their work.”